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Resident Evil 5 is not racist

Updated on April 20, 2008.

Okay my latest update is to say these few words. While although yes I can see to the untrained videogamer, or from the person who knows nothing about Resident Evil how they could see a few clips of this game and say it is racist. Now while although I can see that point of view people need to quit judging this game before they ask questions. All I gotta say about that.

Okay there is a group of people who there in the world that for some reason feel that Resident Evil 5 is racist. How did they come to this conclusion? By watching a few minutes of Resident Evil 5 where Chris Redfield a white man, is, as it was put in one blog in particular "mowing down black men." Now while I agree while watching certain scenes of this movie I can tell where some may think it's racist. And I was told by someone on this Resident Evil 5 message board that, "Once again, you're missing the point. What people take issue with it the imagery of a white man dispatching hordes of impoverished Africans."

Also on the Black Sentinel website they say "There is a sense of propaganda when young white children are exposed to the wonton killing of blacks or Africans for fun." First of all it's not for fun, if you view the video you'll see Chris protecting himself. Also the game isn't geared for children, it's for adults, comeon people think logically. So what I have decided to do was take some more "imagery" from this video clip and post them here. To see if you think this game is actually racist.

The image that started it all, the pic from Black Sentinel.

First we have this image. A group of blacks, stoning a white person hanging upside down.

Here we have the first attack seen in the clip. An unprovoked villager attacking Chris Redfield.

Here we see Chris backing away for a few seconds, before shooting armed villages coming after him.

Here we see another group trying to attack Chris.

Here we get a better shot at some more villagers and their weapons.

Here is a picture of Chris looking up from the ground, at the villagers who just knocked him down. And then attacking him.

And last but not least we have an image of a villager about to curbstomp Chris, during the middle of a lynching.

Now while Chris is mowing down these people in the video, some people claim that the game is racist of whites towards black. Well after looking at these images of the same clip, the question is, is the game racist of blacks towards white.

The answer is.....


This game is nothing more than that, a GAME. And it's a game that will have at least a M. rating which means no one under 17 can but it or rent it. And if a 17 year old can't figure out this is only a game, and not meant to be emulated, then there is something wrong with that person and they shouldn't be playing videogames anyway.

And here's the video for those of you who have missed it.....

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